About Us

Sunday, 17 May 2015 13:22;

Founded in 2010, TICA’S has grown from its humble beginnings as a small family business into a market leader in the Egyptian textiles sector. TICA’S produces a wide variety of original products that are unique in the Egyptian market – from embroidered towels and tablecloths to beanbags and cushions, specifically designed for comfort. For more information on our wide range of goods, we encourage you to check out our Products.


The TICA’S Story

Through hard work, business savvy, and innovative thinking, brother and sister, Omar and Khadiga Magdy, and their mother Maha Moneim have transformed TICA’S from a side project, offering embroidered towels, into a retail and wholesale powerhouse, whose products can be found in Jordan, Kuwait, Greece, UAE, and throughout Egypt.


The trio built brand recognition by tirelessly participating in events throughout Cairo, leading to the opening of the first TICA’S shop in Dandy Mall in Cairo, Egypt, in May 2010 and a shift in focus to business-to-business prospects for the company. Initial successes and hard work resulted in an expansion in distribution channels, including a network of retail stores and direct sales to hotels, travel agencies, and restaurants, among others. We are particularly proud of gaining a foothold in Cairo’s prestigious fashion retail store Beymen.


The one constant throughout our early success is that Khadiga – known to family and friends as Tica – has provided the artistic inspiration, using her creative flair and witty sense of humor to produce the one-of-a-kind designs, which has made TICA’S a popular, well-established brand.


The TICA’S Promise

So much of our success is owed to our loyal customers, who have repeatedly turned to TICA’S to supply the freshest designs on the highest quality textile products at the most competitive prices. While our business expands regionally and globally, the TICA’S promise to its customers is to:


  • Be the best textile manufacturing partner, meeting each and every one of your needs.
  • Continue providing you with best delivery terms in the market.
  • Tirelessly seek out the highest quality materials for our designs.
  • And, consistently offer you premium customer care and full transparency in every transaction.